Edgarsan explores the spontaneous and creative minds of children, taking inspiration from their sketches. In doing so, creating a new art, which would be called “Naive Pop Art”. EdgarSan is the pseudonym of Edgar Sánchez (03/6/63), a Colombian artist, painter, and decorator, who expresses his joy and passion for enjoying life through color and the naive strokes of naive souls. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. After all the graphic and even digital techniques EdgarSan decided to go back to the basic “Oil on canvas”, for its durability and the incredible sensation to play with colors. His roots, along with his cheerful spirit, are manifested in his art. Like Warhol, Kracov. Hairing, Britto, Picasso, Kandinsky, Miro, and Matisse, EdgarSan does POP Art, which focuses on decorative art that helps create happy feelings. Unlike the mathematical strokes of others or the riddles of Picasso, Kandinsky and Miro. Edgar Sánchez discovered his love for “ART WITH A PURPOSE” in 2010 when the artist worked for the famous architecture firm, Pavlik Design Team, that designs shopping centers, hotels, retail stores, and boutiques worldwide. His mission was to create art and add joy to any space.

EdgarSan decided to venture into “POP Art” because it is a challenge to traditional art, because it includes images from popular culture or advertising. An Edgarsan fills the spaces with smiles. His art brings happiness.