OIL ON CANCAS 48 inches x 48 inches original 1/1

122 cm x 122 cm FRAMED BLACK 134  cm x 134 cm

Only he is capable of picking out color from such a dark night. His movements and wet hair are portrayed by the color in the light. Creating a fantasy of colors and smiles where there aren’t. Original in Oil on Canvas of 48” x 48” Created in 2004 at Miami’s EdgarSan Studio. 

Solo él es capaz de colorear una noche oscura, sus movimientos y cabellos mojados reflejan el colorido de las luces. Creando una fantasía de colores y sonrisas que nunca se olvidaran.


Additional information

Dimensions 18 × 18 in

Oil on canvas original 48" x 48", Reproduction Giglée 12.25" x 12,25", Reproduction Giglée 22" x 22", Framed Reproduction Giglée 23" x 23", Framed Reproduction Giglée 32" x 32"


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