• $280.00$340.00

    FRAMED GIGLÉE Print Signed by the artist. Includes Certificate of Authenticity from Edgarsan®.

  • $56,000.00

    Painting, Oil on Canvas Size: 48 X 48 X 2. Includes Certificate of Authenticity from Edgarsan®. This item will ship in a wooden crate. Large artworks are shipped in a very sturdy crate that is built for shipping art all around the world. The crate will contain packaging materials that…

  • $46,000.00

    OIL ON CANVAS original 1/1

    The tension and the emotions of fans in a soccer stadium is silenced to admire the magic of the sport. This moment is captured by the image in “Smiling Doll”, which stays forever. Whoever sees this artwork will never forget that smile. Original in Oil on Canvas of 48” x 48” Printed in 2004 at Miami’s EdgarSan Studio.

    Cuando la tensión y las emociones de un estadio de fútbol repleto de fanáticos se silencia para disfrutar la magia del más grande. Este momento quedó inmortalizado en esta imagen. “SMILING DOLL” quedará para siempre en la mente. Quien vea esta obra, jamás la olvidará y la recordará con una sonrisa.