His art is inspired by children lines and people that, although not artistically trained, express the purityof their heart by doodling.
He discovered in them an endless source of ideas and beautiful moments that
deserve to be a timeless masterpiece, to put a smile on the face of those who admire it. This is why, when an
EdgarSan graces a room, it overflows in energy and enthusiasm, uplifting the spirit of those around

2021 – U.S. Weston Commercial Center Artist on resident “ESMILER ENVIROMENTAL” 2800 Glades Circle Suite 137 Weston FL 33327

2016 – 2019 Miami Wynwood Art Center “LABRATS STUDIO” Artist on Resident
2014 – Coral Gables FL “Gallery Nights” Miami Surgery 233 Aragón Ave, Coral gables FL 33134

2013 – UNILATINA INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE – 3130 Commerce Parkway Hollywood FL 33025
2010 – TELEVISiON INSTITUTIONAL CAMPAIGN "CANAL CARACOL" For parents get more time with their children

2009 – Bogota  Colombia Campaña ACRACOL TV "Vamos niños a Dormir"
2008 – Kendal  FL Genesis Foundations Audition November

2008 – Colombia, Caracol Channel campaign “Month of the children” Artist selected for Animation TV Commercial

2008 – Sunny Islands Permanent Exhibition at Commissioner Offices.
2008 – Palms Beach FL Bank of America Building June
2008 – Fort Lauderdale FL Atlantic Tech Building May

2008 – Colombia, Caracol Channel Campaign Educational "Edgarsan Artwork was protagonist of an animation movie)

2007 – Sunny Islands, Trump Towers December
2007 – Viscaya Museum and Gardens MADD & Police Stock Miami March,
2005 – 2006 “SOLO” Village of Merrick Park – Möbler, Coral Gables Artist on Resident
2005 – Naples October 15 to December 1rs. Encounter 2005 The von Liebig Art Center
2005 – Miami Beach St Jhons Montessori School, May – June
2005 – “SOLO” Miami April, PIG Museum Gallery on Coral Gables
2005 – Viscaya Museum and Gardens MADD & Police Stock Miami March,
2005 – Miami February, Coral Gables Axislab Gallery
2004 – Biltmore Hotel de Coral Gables USA, Miami October,
2004 – Miami International Wine fair at the L. Knight Center, Miami, Florida, USA.
2004 – Naples Downtown Naples Fall Art Festival 2005

2003 – Miami, J. L Knight/Convention Center “International Wine Fair” 2003